Palo Macho


The work of Palo Macho evolves on the boundary between two disciplines, painting and glass artistry. He works with glass plates, shaping and reshaping with heat so as to create double-sided paintings. His technique consists of bringing together several layers of stained and painted glass, completed by internal and superficial drawn lines, imparting relief, depth and the feeling of an “inner-space”  to these object-images. He seeks to evoke, through his painting, a sense of the spiritual, and amusing game of metaphysical contemplation. For Version Originale, he presents several works, one of which was created in collaboration with the photographer Jana Hojstričová. Their work together raises the question of the representation of the human body, presented through partial and fragmented figurative images.

Born in 1965 in Streženice, Palo Macho lives and works in Bratislava, in Slovakia. His innovative approach has made him one the most original contemporary glass artists of his country. He has been the subject of several solo exhibitions in Slovakia and elsewhere, and his works are shown in several Slovakian, Czech and foreign museums. His collaboration with Jana Hojstričová began in 2010, bringing together glass and photography. Palo Macho was the subject of the film Glass Paintings, presented at the 2010 FIFMA.


Glass Paintings Palo Macho,
by Dohnal Lubor
Slovakia, 2008, documentary, 26’
FIFMA 2010 Selection

Horizon, Palo Macho & Jana Hojstričová, 2015 © Jana Hojstričová
Horizon, Palo Macho & Jana Hojstričová, 2015 © Jana Hojstričová
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