Perrin & Perrin


Installations or single pieces of both monumental or more intimate dimensions, the works of Perrin & Perrin often partake in a aesthetic series. Their interest in glass work began in the 90s. In the early 2000s, in artist residency at the Musée départemental du Verre in Sars-Poteries, they developed the Build-in-Glass method. Consisting in the superposing and fusion of glass trapezes, this technique allows the artists to create a unique and complex material in which they can introduce pigments, creating transparent and opaque zones. Very close to stonework and chiseling, they work by creating a solid block of glass and slowly revealing its form. Searching, decomposing in order to recompose: this is how they build the essence of their work. For Version Originale they offer an installation of several enormous glass rings which suggest a possible interaction with the viewer.

Perrin & Perrin came progressively towards glass. After opening a ceramics workshop, they studied calligraphy. Their research into glass began in 1995 around the topic of writing. It then extended to all fields of thought: philosophy, poetry, musicology… Perrin & Perrin are represented by the  Negropontes gallery in Paris.

The work of Perrin & Perrin was presented in the 2004 FIFMA through the film Pour une surprise ce fut une surprise.

Pour une surprise ce fut une surprise,
Film created by the Conseil général du Nord as part of the artists’ residency at the MusVerre in Sars-Poteries.
France, 2003, documentary, 7’
FIFMA 2004 Selection

Eight_3, Perrin & Perrin, 2008 – Courtesy Galerie Negropontes, Paris © Thierry Depagne
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