Awards and jury 2018


For the 2018 edition, five prizes were awarded by an international jury of audiovisual and fine craft professionals, presided by Barthélémy Toguo. Three prizes were awarded by the public and the students of the FIFMA for Schools.

Grand Prize – € 3,000
The Grand Prize recognizes an exceptional film : « Tout feu tout flamme » de Célia Bertrand, France

Heritage Prize – € 1,500
The Heritage Prize will be given to a film highlighting traditions through the ages and cultures  : « Chartres, la lumière retrouvée » d’Anne Savalli, France

Contemporary Prize –  € 1,500
The Contemporary Prize will be awarded to a film devoted to contemporary creation in fine crafts :  « Raku Punk » de Denis Loulier, France

Short Format Prize –  € 1,500
The Short Format Prize will reward a film of 13 minutes or less : « Li » de Yu Chen, Chine

Young Talent Prize  –  € 1,500
The Young Talent Prize will be given to a director under 30 years of age : « De papier et de plomb » de Sandrine Corbeil, Canada

Public Prize  –  € 1,500
« Tout feu tout flamme » de Célia Bertrand, France

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