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The International Film Festival for Fine Crafts returns March 8-11, 2018!

Demanding, committed, open and festive the International Film Festival for Fine Crafts – FIFMA is an invitation to discover fine craft professions from around the world, through image and cinema.

The 10th edition in 2016 of the biennale festival created in 1998 by Ateliers d’Art de France in Montpellier, chose to settle, in partnership with the agglomeration community Est Ensemble (“East Together”), in Montreuil and Pantin.

Through a large selection of documentaries, dramas and experimental films, accompanied by encounters, exhibitions and other events which invite exchanging and sharing, FIFMA reveals the secrets of a unique creative universe.

In opposition to the constant acceleration of time and the standardisation of our society, FIFMA affirms, beyond the personal stories it evokes, the importance of maintaining our creative knowledge and of transmitting it, the irresistible vocation for creating, the faithful respect of tradition in alliance with research stretching towards the future. It bears witness to the daily lives of craftspeople around the world, each confronting different realities, resisting a context of rampant globalisation. It is along this vein that FIFMA approaches the pressing current universal human and social questions facing us.

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