Synopsis :

In South China, Shifu is a title of respect customarily given to the masters who have worked with determination to refine their savoir-faire. Through their contact with folk art, these Shifus learn with humility to cultivate their talents without ever doubting the eternal vitality of the traditional techniques.

This film brings the surprising proof that despite the industrialization of China and the tumult of our modern societies, it is possible to lead a life of simplicity and self-sufficiency. Certain craftspeople, whose very core is driven by tradition and folk art, continue to produce objects marked by the odour of the soil and the vitality of things. The traditions – which they constantly rekindle – become tools permitting them to keep in contact with the world.

Trailer / Preview :

Director : Tan Hongyu Duration : 60mn 11s Year : 2015 Country : Chine


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