Synopsis :

For more than thirty years, Bernard Dejonghe has been on the trail of prehistoric man and meteorites in order to nourish his work. During this journey, fire is his companion. With it, he sculpts earth to give shape to a sensation that has been guided only by intuition and experience.

The piece, once in the “Noborigama” oven, will receive the ultimate shock of fire: a controlled fusion which is sometimes hazardous and which in a roar of flames will display the colours of the cracked and fissured enamels.

At this moment in history in which humanity has become enmeshed in technology and is distancing itself from instinct; where art is becoming money, concept and fashion, Bernard Dejonghe has distanced himself from the noise of the world in order to listen to the voice of “Noborigama” singing in the night.

Trailer / Preview :

Director : Stéphane Chollet Morel Duration : 26mn Year : 2015 Country : France


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