EMPREINTES, the French fine crafts concept store, has just opened its doors in the heart of the Haut-Marais neighborhood of Paris.

EMPREINTES showcases more than 1,000 unique and limited edition pieces of art, handmade in the workshops of French craftsmen and artists of matter: tableware, ornaments, jewels, furniture, lights and much more.

EMPREINTES is also a cafe, a library and a projection room that displays movies from the FIFMA.

Every three months, FIFMA and EMPREINTES present a selection of films chosen from previous editions of the FIFMA, screened all day long without interruption.

> Programming September – November 2016

Feu, Eau, Air


Anne Murat & David Bart
France, 2015, documentary, 14’



Rod Morris
Angleterre, 2015, documentary, 11’

Fibre et papier


Gérard Audias & Jean-Yves Bardin
France, 2010, documentary, 9’



Jeroen Maes & Ivan Haentjens
Belgique, 2015, documentary, 6’

Les Artisans du rêve


Stéphanie Bui & Pascal Stelletta
France, 2015, documentary, 17’

Mil Mascaras


Kimiko Otaka
France, 2015, experimental film, 4’

Emmanuelle Manche, portrait d’une céramiste


Benjamin Kalyoncu
France, 2015, documentary, 17’


Anne Zed
Belgique, 2015, documentary, 9’


Agnès Roze, restauratrice de tableaux


Thomas Rault
France, 2014, documentary, 3’


Les Fantômes de l’Escarlate


Julie Nguyen Van Qui
France, 2012, documentary, 14’

Sous les mains du coutelier


Tomáš Princ
République Tchèque, 2014, documentary, 4’

The secret of Hanji craft


Chul Heo
Corée du Sud, 2013, documentary, 10’


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